We do our best to accommodate you with best shipping prices available. Each price is calculated based on the weight of your package and where your are located.

Many bundles that contain products like 4xLP tend to be around 4lbs, this becomes increasingly more expensive to ship based on current shipping rates.

Please note that larger packages (typically preorder bundles) tend to have heavier and/or awkward-sized packaging.  The United States Postal Service charges various rates, often higher, due to odd or large package dimensions.

To our fans overseas: The time it takes to clear customs depends on your country’s policies. Customs can take anywhere from 1, and in some rare cases 6 weeks.

If you are curious as to how much it would be to ship to your location, the best way to calculate this is to add products to your cart and follow the checkout steps where you will enter your shipping address. Our system will then show you possible shipping quotes.