Where is my order:

You will receive shipping confirmation once your order goes out.  Please allow 5-10 business days for delivery.

If you are an international customer, please allow extra time for your package to arrive.  Customs has been known to hold onto packages for an extended amount of time.  This is out of our hands but our packages are always delivered.


Do you ship to (insert country name here)?

More than likely, yes.  Please look at the drop down list of countries when checking out and you'll see all of the countries we ship to.  Yours should be on there.

Why are shipping costs high?

Our shipping costs are calculated given the weight of the package and your location. USPS and UPS set their shipping prices.

When will I get my package?

Preorder packages are shipped out the week before street date.  As long as our postal service does their job right then you'll be receiving your package right around the day the record lands in stores.  Due to some unforeseen circumstances with shipping carriers, some people have received their packages a few days late. International orders are known to show up a bit late due to stops at customs, this is out of our hands. 

Please check preorder pages for when a record's release date is.

I preordered an album on vinyl, how do I get my download card.

Most of the time vinyl is packaged with a download card.  When you receive your package you'll need to redeem the card by using the download code printed on the back. 

I preordered an album as a digital download, when do I get it?

Digital download links will be emailed during the day of release, please check your inbox on that day. If you don't see it on that day please check your junk folders or spam filters.  If it's still not there then please email drake (at) dopelotusrecords.com


I preordered an album on CD, do I get a digital download?

If the preorder page states that you'll be receiving a download with your purchase then you'll receive the download link on the day of release.  CDs are not packaged with download cards.

My credit card has a charge on it from Dope Lotus.  Why?

Dope Lotus is who handles our back end merchant processing, this is why your card is charged by them. 

Do you sell mp3, CDs, Vinyl?

Yes, we do.  Please visit the store and click on any title you're interested in. You'll see towards the bottom of the page your options on format.  Some titles are digital-only and others have the option to purchase on CD and/or vinyl.


How do I submit art for the Print Shop?

We love to see what other artists are working on.  If you have artwork that you think we'd like, please send it to info (at) definitivejux.net. If we like it we'll reach out and talk about featuring it in our Print Shop for sale.  

I ordered a shirt/hoodie/clothing/etc and my package has not shown up yet. Or, it's missing my T-shirt.  Where is it?

Thank you for your order, we appreciate your support.  Please note that most of our clothing is custom printed just for you.  Please allow 7-10 business days (give or take) for your custom merch to arrive. It's worth it.  If you ordered custom merchandise along with music or non-customized merch, they will be arriving in separate packages.  Or printing plant is in the UK so it will be shipped from there.   If it's been an unreasonable amount of time, please email customer service at definitivejuxorders@gmail.com.

How do I get signed?

There are tons of books written out there on this subject.  The quick and easy answer? Make a name for yourself in your town by performing live.  Then make a name for yourself in your closest city.  Start touring.  Meet as many people as you can.  Build your online presence and give out free music.  Collect email addresses and form a relationship with your fans. Remember, the music business is a business.  Record labels like to see artists who take initiative, are creative and original, and don't expect the record label to be their golden ticket to fame and fortune.  Release music on your own.  Be independent.