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No More Happy Face - Bishop203 - Limited Ed. Print


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Introducing the debut print from the Daylight Curfew Artist Print Series!  "No More Happy Face" is a 12x16 print by Brooklyn graffiti/street artist Bishop203. Limited to only 25 prints, preorders start now and the print will be released on September 30th.

We're excited to announce the kick off to the visual side of the label with our monthly artist print series.  Each month we will be offering a new print from our roster in very limited editions of 25 each.  We plan to offer up prints that not only fit the aesthetic of Daylight Curfew but also speak to the aesthetic of our fan base and community. Preorders will be held two weeks before the release date of the print and will go fast. If you'd like to be kept up to date with each print series, please sign up for the DLC monthly list on our homepage.     

Each print will be on museum-quality, 310gsm fine art matte cotton rag and printed with archival inks. Guaranteed to hold it's quality for years, the paper is bleach free with a soft textured surface. If you choose to order the print custom framed, the print will be shipped in a handmade wood frame with matte black baked enamel finish.

A bit more info on "No More Happy Face"

The idea behind Bishop 203's 'No More Happy Face' was born out of the artist's struggle to overcome some of life's hardest obstacles. He's realized that there is immense power in taking off the mask that most people hide behind when shielding themselves from pain and heartbreak. "Learning to take that mask off and to express my true feelings and thoughts, without having to worry about the consequences felt like total bliss," says Bishop "this is an idea that I have tried to carry with ever since. Don't hold back, let it all out, and be free."

Bishop203 Bio

Originally a Connecticut kid, Bishop203 was inspired early on by the bounty of bold colors and strong shapes that would wrap the walls and tunnels surrounding the Amtrak. As a child he grew up trying to emulate those styles while learning graffiti himself. Over the past 20+ years he has gone from a young hooligan (for lack of a better word,)  tagging bridges, and slaying the metal dragons that travel this country, known as Norfolk Southern, to doing gallery shows and larger murals.
Now, 20 some odd years later, Bishop203, while still loving to put out his own works, also focuses on featuring other up and coming artists through his gallery/store called Low Brow Artique. Doing monthly exhibitions and selling the largest color variety of aerosol paints in NYC. He likes to think of his new venture not so much of 'passing the torch' but more of an environment to let others light their own.



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