Jump Clubb - The Love of No Dance



Meet Jump Clubb. A band from Beverly Hills whose music combines dance, disco, and electronic styles with indie mentalities and vocals straight from the height of the lo-fi era. 

The juxtoposition melds an interesting style of music that Jump Clubb has coined “No Dance”. On one hand you have the upbeat soul and funk influence that aims at getting anyone and everyone up and dancing. This mixed with lo-fi and low energy vocals which describe tales of heartbreak and Jump Clubb’s own view of their insecure and superficial hometown, creates a wonderful style that urges you to rethink your next trip to the dancefloor.

It really honestly just reminds me of a whole host of indie-dance crossover records from the early 90's. It's got that "hey this is so new we'll try anything," approach and it works for them. They've crammed their music all together, sequenced it, and then said, "lets see what happens,"and the results are blast from the past that comes strangely from Beverly Hills, California. The funny thing is, if this was 1990, Jump Clubb would be right at home in Manchester smack dab in the middle of the Hacienda. One listen to 'Rather Be Played,' and those of us who remember the birth of dance music (kids go ask your parents) will be taken back...way back and sometimes that's a good thing. -via The POP! Stereo




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