Flying Lotus / Captain Murphy T-shirt (2014 Singles Program)

$27.00 USD

Brand: Adult Swim x Daylight Curfew

THE CAPTAIN IS BACK! Flying Lotus returns with his devious alter ego, Captain Murphy.

We're excited to be entering the eleventh week of the Daylight Curfew X Adult Swim Singles Series Collection!

For those of you living under a rock, or in the basement with no internet, the Adult Swim Singles Program has recently launched, bringing you a free single per week for 16 weeks!  Every Monday a free download will be made available here, the program includes Giorgio Moroder, Run The Jewels, Future, Machinedrum, among many other amazing artists.

We've teamed up with Adult Swim to bring this digital program into the analog world. Every Monday we will be releasing a t-shirt and limited edition print (only 100 available!) through September 22nd. Both will be available for a limited time so get your hands on the goods before they're gone!

This week we bring you Flying Lotus alter ego, Captain Murphy!! Check out the bangin "Cosplay", originally premiering on Nerdist, below!Interested in the Adult Swim / Flying Lotus / Captain Murphy limited edition print? Only 100 available!

T-shirt Info: American Apparel - 100% fine ring spun cotton, lightweight, 4.3 oz, soft fashion fit. Please refer to the sizing guide if you have questions on your size.