Bisco Smith - The Broadcast (hand-signed)

$10.00 USD

Brand: Daylight Curfew

The Broadcast was released in 2010. The project is solely produced by New Yorks J.Vegas aka. Grizzly Grimace and Bisco wrote all the raps (accept for the homeys featured) This record was made after touring the U.S. with DJ Human?. J.Vegas and Bisco hit the studio heavy after that travel and lets Humans electronic/ dance/ dub records seriously influence the movements on this project. - Each CD is hand signed by the artists. - Buy the CD and get the digital download instantly! 


1.Tune In 04:03 

2. Morning Breath 04:11 

3. Vibrations 03:51 

4. Time Zones (247365) 03:50 

5. Railroads 03:37 

6. Transmission Live 04:15 

7. Never Know 02:04 

8. Crooked Hearts 03:34 

9. Fresh Water 03:41 

10. Circuit Breaker 04:55