Bisco Smith & Bq:Ram - Atlantic Sky

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Brand: Daylight Curfew

Atlantic Sky, a new record from MC Bisco Smith and Italian producer duo Bq:Ram, released on Daylight Curfew / SVP. The three musicians bridged their talents to create a project that captures the freedom and inspiration born from ventures into the unknown. Reminiscent of an era when jazz loops ruled the cassettes decks with groups like Gang Starr running the airwaves and the voice was used for a little more than just bragging rights. Sonically, the vocals are powerful, uplifting, and contemplative. Built on an uptempo, beat-based foundation of classic jazz sample styles fused with electronic hip hop influences. The drums are smoky, the leads are retro, and the atmospheres will make you want to roll down your windows and take it slow. Atlantic Sky is a travel through stereo into blue skies, dusty roads, sun soaked landscapes, and back to the rooftops of New York City for a clear perspective of it all.

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