About Us

Daylight Curfew has grown from a fine art publication / artist collective to a design studio and lifestyle brand. We focus on hyper limited-edition capsule and seasonal collections, art, design, music and home goods.

Honestly, we just want to make cool shit that you can't get anywhere else. We like to play video games, watch anime, listen to hip hop and punk, smoke weed, study architecture, make beats, paint, and design. Like to do the same? Lets collab.

Weekly Releases

We release new projects every Friday at 12pm ET. These range from single product collabs to full seasonal collections. Many of our projects are embroidery or woven-numbered so you know what part of the collection you receive. 

You can signup for one hour advanced access to each of our releases to better your chances. 


Collaboration is everything. Every time we work with a new artist the results are something unexpected and special. We've worked with many artists and brands including Felipe Pantone, Run The Jewels, DJ Shadow, Adult Swim and more.  


Our curated online boutique houses our latest collections alongside exclusive releases from today's most forward thinking artists and brands. From clothing to accessories to art and design, most products are exclusive and can't be found anywhere else. 



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