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Daylight Curfew -The Riley Jacket


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We are extremely proud to announce The Riley Jacket, a part of the newly launched Daylight Curfew Winter Collection. 

The Riley Jacket, named after the pioneer of the minimalist movement in music, Terry Riley, is made of a heavy terry (65% Cotton / 28% Polyester / 7% Rayon), features a houndstooth sleeve and minimal Daylight Curfew box logo. The jacket has dual-sided pockets and a snap closure.  

Terry Riley's groundbreaking 1964 piece "In C" helped start music's minimalism movement, clearing the road for composers like Steve Reich and Philip Glass. The piece is made up of short musical phrases, each are played for as long as the full ensemble feels like playing. Any number of musicians can make up the ensemble and for those living in the early 60's, this was far removed from any pop or classical pieces popular of that time. 

The repeating houndstooth pattern, mixed with the Daylight Curfew box logo are a nod to Terry Riley, "In C", and the groundbreaking ideas that we hope the jacket may bring you. 



Sold Out