The Underdog Collection

un·der·dog /ˈəndərˌdôɡ/ noun
1.  A competitor thought to have little chance of winning a fight or contest.

2. A victim of injustice or persecution.

This Friday we're releasing The Underdog Collection. Featuring two of our favorite characters who inspires us daily, Doofus Rick and Noob Noob. Both characters have seen their share of maltreatment but persevere in the face of adversity (which always seems to be Rick). Their ability to constantly strive to be their best is why both deserve their own Daylight Curfew pieces.

The capsule consists of two limited edition black melton wool snapbacks and are the first in our wool snapback series. Both are perfect for the upcoming colder months and guaranteed to keep your lid warm.


January 23, 2019 — Adam Harrison