Introducing: Warm Binary

 We're excited to present the newest member to the Daylight Curfew collective, Warm Binary. The New Jersey born and raised producer has recently relocated to Los Angeles and has been pushing out some phenomenal music via his Soundcloud lately. Check out one of his latest, Bleak Plaza, after the jump. It's beautifully side-chained, lush, and ambient. Perfect for a hike in the mountains or a drive along the coast.

Bisco Smith Drops - Castles in the Sky | Visual X Audio Collection

Bisco Smith is back with a new visual x audio collection, Castles in the Sky. A 3 piece art series created in editions of 5 accompanied by a free 4 song EP produced by Daylight Curfews own Dfalt. Check the art and the new records here!

The Dark Lofi Of Wholewheat's New EP, Tragic Death.

Recorded and inspired by the "mildew smell in his parents mold ass basement", New Jersey artist and Daylight Curfew crew member, Wholewheat, has just dropped a new EP titled Tragic Death.