G-O-L-D  G-O-L-D... It's Gold!


This Friday we're releasing the official 'Stay Gold' Collection featuring the Run The Jewels x Daylight Curfew 'Stay Gold' Hoodie (Edition of 150), two new 'Stay Gold' handbags (designed and handmade by El-P's mom!), and a collection of new snapbacks and beanies for your dome.

The hoodie features a stitched golden satin Run The Jewels logo and is embroidery-numbered so you know what part of the collection you receive. It's made with soft, midweight fleece for the upcoming spring months.

Both 'Stay Gold' bags are handmade by El-P’s mom!  Embellished with the golden pistol and fist and are 15” wide x 14” high. Each feature leather shoulder straps and bottom, felt base and a golden chain surround. The Thick Chain bag is a first edition of 25. The Thin Chain bag is a first edition of 20. Good luck!

The two new snapbacks and beanies are embroidered with golden thread and one size fits all. 

You can RSVP to receive an advanced link, one hour before the general public, via our Advanced List here. Check out the full collection below.


March 08, 2017 — Nick Shop