Our first release from the Canal Street Collection focuses on the counterfeit scene. Being from New York City, Canal Street holds a special place in our hearts. As a main artery that cuts through downtown Manhattan, Canal Street has evolved countless times over the years. Back in the day the hardware, plastic, and fabric stores acted as supply depots for the burgeoning Soho art scene. Decades later, counterfeit markets popped up, and police raids came up along with them. Artists x black markets grew together to give lower Manhattan a raw sensibility and edge. The street has since changed, "cleaned up its act" but this collection remembers the shady side, the hustle...three card monty, "Louis Vuitton" bags on a sheet and boxes of electronics to rummage through.

The drop is limited and we will expand the collection to focus on all aspects of Canal Street's culture throughout the year. 

June 29th at Noon ET.

June 27, 2018 — Adam Harrison