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Chromatics is an electronic music band from Portland, Oregon. The band consists of Ruth Radelet (vocals, guitar, synthesizer), Adam Miller (guitar, vocoder), Nat Walker (drums, synthesizer), and Johnny Jewel (producer, multi-instrumentalist). The band originally featured a trademark sound that indebted to punk and lo-fi but after numerous lineup changes, their style streamlined into an electro-punk sound, and then turned to synthpop and pop-punk on their later releases.

Their third release, Night Drive (2007), and Kill for Love (2012), were met with critical acclaim. Several of the band's songs have been featured in television series such as Gossip Girl and Bates Motel and most notably their instrumental track "Tick of the Clock" was featured in the film Drive (2011). In December 2014, the band announced their fifth studio album, titled Dear Tommy. Chromatics write, record, produce, and mix all of their own songs.

The brand new track “Shadow” incorporates many of Chromatics’ staples, with a steady kick drum layering a tribal-esque drum pattern, building to some dramatic and high-rising synths. On top of these are the reverbed vocals along with signature post-punk guitars to round out the synthpop aesthetic. Lyrically we're hearing themes of nostalgia and a rejection of the past, but also with a tinge of hope for what's ahead.

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September 09, 2015 — Ray Yamamoto