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Shabazz Palaces are a Seattle-based experimental hip-hop duo consisting of rapper Ishmael Butler aka Palaceer Lazaro, and multi-instrumentalist Tendai Maraire. The group anonymously released two EPs before being signed to Sub Pop Records and releasing their debut album Black Up in 2011 to wide critical acclaim. They followed up with their 2nd album, Lese Majesty in 2014. 

Shabazz Palaces churns out a sound that pushes the boundaries of hip-hop. It is a sonically forward-moving use of surreal, eerie beats, experimental song structures, and intricate lyrics. This often has listeners having to work harder to appreciate the layers of beats and verses.  Butler cites his primary influences as "abstract", pulling from podcasts and mixtapes. Butler attributes the use of African percussion and jazz overtone's to his family's musical preferences. Shabazz Palaces continues hip-hop and its progressive range through their unconventional but rewarding expression of the genre. 
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August 11, 2015 — Ray Yamamoto