We recently sat down with Monterrey, Mexico-based artist (and recent Daylight Curfew Artist Print Series alumni) to talk about her work, inspiration, and the future.  Check out her addition to the print series here.


What are you currently working on?


I’m currently working on some series of artworks, I like that my works reflect the connection of each of them Therefore right now I’m working on an Astronauts Girl’s, 60&70 style Icons, WWII soldier faces and some other projects series.


Tell us about your process from inspiration to execution?

My process consist on the main idea that inspires me and then I start with some sketches to get to visualize the piece, after visualizing the piece or idea I pass it into Digital and then I start making the creative process to get the complete and final artwork.


What have you been listening to lately?

I’ve been listening lately Lana Del Rey, Artic Monkeys, Nina Simone, Tomasz Stanko, etc. But mostly to be inspired on some of my works, I listen to Movie soundtracks depending on the mood; for example Inception OST, Oblivion OST, Prometheus OST etc. Mostly science fiction movies.


School vs. Self-Taught?

I think both concepts are very important, because in the school they give you the theory and basis to develop your own techniques and in the self-taught process you get to know your own skills and evolve through your own knowledge and practice.


If your work had a soundtrack, what would it be and why?

Most of my works are inspired by some of the music I listen to, therefore if my work would have a soundtrack it would be the OST of Blade Runner and in some of my fashion style artworks it will be Lana Del Rey soundtrack.


What do you want people to take away from your work when they see it?

My goal in my artworks is that I want the people feel what I feel when I make them, and then through their own imagination take the artwork by itself,

For example let the artwork talk to the viewers and adapt it to their own imagination and at the same time be able to inspire their creative mind


What does the future hold for you?

Right now what I’m doing is what I’m really passionate about it, therefore I see me in the future working on some new artworks. Keep growing on my techniques and heading my way to fulfill my dreams. Therefore working harder is the most important thing.


Where can we find you?

They can find me on several social media sites, like Behance, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Curioos and on my personal site that is can2ienova.com

Behance: behance.com/Can2ienovaDesign

Instagram: @maykacantu // @can2ienovadesign

Facebook: Facebook.com/Can2ienovaDesign

Twitter: @mcantuc88

Curioos: www.curioos.com/CAN2IENOVADESIGN

Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/maykacan2ienova

October 08, 2014 — Jason Drake