For those of you not in the LA area, we're very excited to offer up the exclusive digital preview of select pieces from SYSTEMATIC: New works from Bisco Smith, Dfalt, and Jim Budman. Now is your chance to view and purchase brand new works a day before the opening. The digital preview starts on Friday, September 26th. Head to our collection on that day to check out the show.

And for those of you in LA, we are very excited to announce the opening of Systematic: New Works by (Daylight Curfew's own) Bisco Smith, Dfalt, and Jim Budman.  The art opening reception is Saturday, September 27th and we're going to be partying our asses off.  If you're in the LA area, come out!
A bit more info on the opening and the artists:

SYSTEMATIC opens at the WNDO Space featuring emerging artists Bisco Smith, Dfalt, with installations by Venice mainstay, Jim Budman. The show consists of mix media work and installation exploring social and philosophical systems of space, balance, and tension.

Press Preview Thursday, September 25th: 7pm – 10pm
Opening Reception Saturday, September 27th: 7pm – Until
Show is open daily 11am-7pm
Please contact for more information.

WNDO is a unique multipurpose creative space in the heart of Venice, CA. WNDO’s aim is to create a revolving home to artists, events, and experience.

General Information

WNDO Space
361 Vernon Ave Venice CA 90291
Open 24/7 with appointment



Bisco Smith

“Refined Grime” – a term often used to describe the work of LA / NY based artist, Bisco Smith. The “grime” is a blend of graffiti deconstruction, graphic design, and fine art which captures the untamed energy and uncharted environments of street style and expresses a sense of du- ality, spontaneity, and movement. Bisco is known for his bold, graphic, graffiti styles which can be seen not only on walls, but in books, on records, and in galleries around the globe. Smith’s aesthetic draws influences from his formal training at Pratt Institute and twenty plus years as a graffiti / street artist. Due to his diverse use of mediums he is able to walk the line between graphic design and fine art.




B. 1979 in Glendale, CA. Jason Drake aka Dfalt is an accomplished artist/producer who primarily works in audio and has recently returned to his practice in multidimensional mixed media work. His tools include acrylic, oil sticks, spray paint, high quality digital prints, resin, audio, and video. His work deals with the tension between our analog world and digital representations. He explores humanity’s desire for perfection and creation of systems that out perform their makers. The long-held taboo of crossing art and technology drives the inspiration behind Dfalt’s latest pieces.



Jim Budman
Budman has a 20 year history of supporting and working with emerging and established artists within the walls of the Budman Studio. His beliefs in the collective experience where collaboration is cultivated and ideas are realized has helped build a solid creative community in Venice and beyond. His installation work focuses on space, dimension, and its affect on social interaction. This manifests itself into work that feels both nostalgic and familiar while firmly stating its presence and kindly commanding attention and interaction.







September 16, 2014


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