Daylight Curfew friend / family / artist, Bishop 203, opened the doors to his Bushwick, Brooklyn gallery, Low Brow Artique, just in time to see the creative community flourish at an incredible rate. We recently sat down with the man to talk about being a gallery owning artist, his neighborhood, and some of his favorite shows. Be sure to check out the brand new Daylight Curfew / Low Brow Collection now available in the store!


Can you give us a bit of a background on yourself and how Low Brow came to be?
I have been painting things I probably shouldn't have since 1992. Graffiti has been one of my true loves for over two decades now, but as we all know, she can be a cruel lover sometimes. I have always wanted to teach art but could barely pass school myself so that wasn't much of an option. Growing up, I have moved around a good bit, grabbing what ever grubby job I could get my hands on. A few years back my father passed away, (who always supported what ever art I was doing) and left me some life insurance money. He gave a chance I could have never dreamed of. I figured I didn't know how to bake so I wasn't a bakery...

Why did you choose to open up Low Brow in Bushwick?
I have lived here for a few years before. There are SO many walls coming up here! The closest other shop is in SOHO (which is awesome) so I figured, if you live here, play here, why cross the bridge...


Have you seen a positive creative impact on the neighborhood after opening Low Brow?
Absolutely! It is amazing how many murals have come up in the past 2 years. Bushwick Collective has a huge part of that. Also with so many galleries opening here. I feel like Bushwick has become a landmark in the city for street art and graffiti.

How do you view the art world in general?

What are the pros and cons of being an artist who runs his own gallery / store?
I always tease and say this is my glorified prison. I get to sell paint to people so they can go play while I stay here. As far as pros go, there are MANY! I get to meet writers and artists I have looked up to and admire. I get to help with color schemes and layouts for young bucks. I get to connect artists together who may have not had the chance to do so otherwise.   

How do you find time for your own art?
I don't really any more. I draw at work, but that is between customers. I try to find a wall or something to play on my days off.


What shows have stuck out in recent history?
MR. PRVRT was an amazing show! His work, both walls and canvas, always seem to stand out. Of course we have the mighty Bisco Smith; for sure the best selling we have had. Rightfully so. The work and heart put into each piece can't be surpassed. To be able to give a piece of your personal story and love to someone else through an object of any kind is truly a rare gift.

Artists you have most enjoyed working with in the recent past?
Yok and Sheyo are a BLAST! Hoacs is the man!!! He has the same process as me so planning a wall is easier than baking a cake. Like I said, I can't bake. Bisc, when in town, is a BEAST! We have been painting together for decades now so everything is said without a word when it comes to walls.

Where do you see Low Brow going in the future.
Hopefully nowhere. More business, sure. But I have no plans or hopes of expanding. I like to feel that there is a form of comfort here for like minded people. I hope to grow, but want this to stay small and intimate.





September 05, 2014 — Jason Drake