For those of you in NYC, Daylight Curfew's own, Bisco Smith will be showing at Spring Street's Gallery Nine5 alongside the world famous TATS CRU, KET, Shiro, and Rubin415.  The show is up through July 30th with a block party reception on July 17th. See more info below...

Gallery Nine5 is pleased to present as our 2014 summer exhibition, GROUP INK, a group exhibition for street artists and their work, which turns a “private” space over to the public sphere. Uncurated, unregulated, and unsellable, the gallery’s white walls will serve as a blank slate for graffiti artists. Participating artists come from all over New York City and the world, including, TATS CRU (Bronx, NY), Bisco Smith (Venice, CA), KET (New York, NY), Shiro (Japan), Vor138 (Brooklyn, NY), and Rubin415 (Brooklyn, NY).

The exhibition will open on June 25 with bare white walls. Over the course of four weeks, invited artists will have the freedom to paint and tag the walls, building upon each other’s and their own pieces. At the show’s conclusion, the gallery will have been transformed into a vividly colored, vibrant space. The back room of the gallery will be dedicated to a small group show, where pieces by gallery nine5’s artists SHAKA, Alben, Tapp Francke, and Steve Ellis will be available for purchase.
The show mimics a traditional artistic process, starting with a designated pristine canvas, and gradually building toward a final product. Graffiti artists work together as a collective, never negating any particular artist’s free expression, but instead allowing their work to organically enter into dialogue with each other. It reflects the liberation of street art, the ability to praise and challenge each other on neutral ground, each tag entering into an ever-escalating conversation.

With this exhibition, gallery nine5 reinforces its commitment to recognizing artistry across mediums and methodologies. Artists and viewers alike are invited to discover, explore, and contribute.


July 01, 2014 — Jason Drake
Tags: bisco smith