When not in the studio, writing and releasing music for 40 straight mornings or directing music videos in the middle of the desert, LA-based artist, Dfalt likes to create work in the physical realm.  Working mainly with acrylic, oil sticks, and watercolor, Dfalt aims to produce visual works that nod at the darker side of our physical and digital worlds.  One of his latest works, titled "Lost", comments on a blind search for meaning in an overly saturated world. Leaving us to walk alone, grasping for meaningful relationships with each other while battling an environment filled with visual and aural distraction. "Lost" is a museum quality archival print on 310gsm fine art matte cotton rag. Printed with archival ink. Bleach free, soft textured surface, this work is 12" x 16" and is limited to only 25 prints. Dfalt Lost 2014 12" x 16"
May 20, 2014 — Jason Drake