We're excited to present the newest member to the Daylight Curfew collective, Warm Binary.  The New Jersey born and raised producer has recently relocated to Los Angeles and has been pushing out some phenomenal music via his Soundcloud lately. Check out one of his latest, Bleak Plaza, below. It's beautifully side-chained, lush, and ambient. Perfect for a hike in the mountains or a drive along the coast.  Welcome Warm Binary to the west and the DLC family!  Download the track over at the Daylight Curfew store.



What are you currently working on? Working on getting a more cohesive and well produced group of tracks together for an EP. Seems to be a krautrock/psychedelic vibe going on with a few of my ideas recently so I’m channeling my energy into that at the moment. Got that motorik beat spinning in my head lately… Also, I just recently shot some footage with my dude Wholewheat and will be attempting to execute a wacky video for his track “Tragic Death”. Should be interesting as I don’t have much editing experience. Actually, I have no editing experience. Hoping to have some beginners luck with that one. Ha. Tell us about your process from inspiration to execution? I tend to just start noodling, sampling, whatever… Usually try to lock on to a short phrase that gets me to a point where I start to feel inspired… Then I throw away about 900 of these because I tend to get unreasonably picky. I definitely click “New Live Set” in Ableton about 25 times before I actually save something.  But lately I try not to pick everything apart. Can’t worry so much about being innovative, it’s all pretty much been done. Now I just want to get it out there if I enjoy it even a little bit- and hey, if it moves someone else as well, that’s amazing. What have you been listening to lately? Been into that Huerco S. “Colonial Patterns” album lately. No Joy got some tracks. Can, Neu!, and some Tangerine Dream for my recent k-rock inspiration. Always bumpin' the greats like MBV and Boards of Canada. Assorted punk rock. Liquid Liquid. All over the board randomness a lot of the time. If your music could be a soundtrack for anything, what would it be and why? Some cerebral Sci-Fi type deal would be fun. Like if they did a remake for 2001: A Space Odyssey or some shit. Wait, I didn’t just say that. Since I am sure tons of high powered Hwood producers are reading this right now let me make an announcement: DO NOT REMAKE 2001 THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION. What do you want people to take away from your work when they hear it? Hopefully some people find something to enjoy about it. A texture, a phrase, a noise. Conjure up some interesting images in heads. Feel like mad science was dropped on the dome.  I guess really, the best thing would be for even the smallest idea of mine inspiring someone else to make something of their own. That sounds fun. What does the future hold for you? Keep learning and improving musically. Hopefully setting up a studio where I can do more recording of live instruments, drums in particular. Where can we find you? soundcloud.com/warmbinary or Instagram

March 10, 2014 — Jason Drake