With Bisco's new show PUSH about to jump off this Thursday he has just dropped a trailer filled with heavy imagery and a fresh new track. The lyrics are from his artist statement for the show and the beat is produced by DLC's own Dfalt.


For a free download of the full track PUSH (raps by Bisco x beat by Dfalt) check out the DLC shop ------------------------------------------------------ Bisco Smith | PUSH - Studies In Elevation at Rise Up Gallery - 187 NW 27th ST CU-1 Miami, FL. 33127 Opening Reception - Thursday November 7th 2013 7-10 PM ------------------------------------------------------ Rise Up Gallery is proud to host Bisco smith’s solo exhibit “Push - studies in elevation.” Fresh off the energy of the “world upside Down” show in Brooklyn, Bisco smith has returned, and this time he is debuting a brand new collection of work at Rise Up Gallery located in the heart of Miami’s Wynwood Arts District. the show is titled “PUSH – Studies in Elevation”, and it features a refined mix of art/design, touching on the aesthetics of graffiti, street art, and bold iconography. The high contrast collection is an inspired take on urban noir, a style that Bisco has steadily become known for. The show’s concept is based on the idea of opposing forces and the result of their collision. when speaking about his ideas behind the work, Bisco smith references “tectonic plates that collide to create mountain ranges, constantly elevating the earth’s surface.” Push explores the idea that through tension comes creation and how the trials and tribulations of living seems to have that effect. opposition creates elevation. Using a strong mix of art and design the studies in elevation touch on subjects such as: man vs. nature, light vs. dark, rough vs. refined, and gallery vs. street... to name a few. overall, the work is comprehensive with each piece simultaneously serving as its own take on PUSH. The pieces in the collection are a blend of photography and fine art using a mix of mediums such as collage, resin on wood, spray paint, and prints on paper. the strong black and white imagery create both a literal and metaphorical contrast further touching on the ideas of opposites and elevation. ARTIST STATEMENT (SONG LYRICS) Forces opposed, on two sides of the road, movements on go, motions unstoppable / We drive into the future, fly through these illusions, devise conclusions, and keep cruising / Highs lows, I glide in between them, Light versus Dark, depends on how you peep it / Interpretations are open for meaning, but one thing’s for certain, stay dreaming / Evolve to elevate it, tensions higher through the wires, elements to set the fires / Fuel for the altitude, destination inspire, got to push a little bit higher / All points north, no matter the turf, when them worlds collide, can’t shatter my earth / Try to measure the worth, but I’ma let the tremors burst / It’s us versus them, enemy common in man, no trust in the land / Just some dust in the wind, for the gusto, let go, extend both hands and we PUSH. PUSH_FLYER_A_FNL_WEB_DLC2

November 05, 2013 — Jason Drake