We're very excited to announce! Fresh off the energy of the World Upside Down show in Brooklyn, Bisco Smith has returned, and this time he is debuting a brand new collection of work at Rise Up Galley located in the heart of Miami's Wynwood Arts District. The show is titled "PUSH - Studies in Elevation", featuring a refined mix of art/design and touching on the aesthetics of street art, graffiti, and bold iconography. The high contrast pieces further push an inspired take on Urban Noir, a style that Bisco has steadily become known for.  The show's concept is based on the idea of opposing forces and the result of that collision. When referencing his ideas behind the work, he references "tectonic plates that collide to create mountain ranges, constantly elevating the earth's surface. Through tension comes creation and the trials and tribulations of living a creative life seems to have that effect. Opposition creates elevation." For those of you in the Miami area, the opening will be on Thursday, November 7th from 7 - 10. And on Saturday, the famed Wynwood art walk will be in full effect and the gallery will be open with Bisco in the house for both events. We'll see you there!



October 24, 2013 — Jason Drake