21 year old photographer / painter Fanette Guilloud has created these amazing optical illusion geometric painting / photograph hybrids by using a technique called anamorphic projection. The pieces were created in and around Toulouse, Bordeaux as well as the French Alps near Lyon.  You want to believe they are digital manipulations of shapes superimposed upon photographs but in reality they are carefully planned and painted structures that only come together when viewed from a specific angle.

GDI_FanetteG_1-low GDI_FanetteG_2-low GDI_FanetteG_3-low GDI_FanetteG_4-low GDI_FanetteG_5-low GDI_FanetteG_6-low GDI_FanetteG_7-low GDI_FanetteG_8-low

October 12, 2013 — Jason Drake